Album : ITC Grand Chola Experience

… the Responsible Luxury of the Newly Opened ITC Grand Chola.

and its Moods … Go here for the snaps.


The meet that was ….

Its just less than a month, so you can’t call it too late … :)

Its about the IndiBlogger Meet i attended on 20th Mar’10 in Chennai – GRT Convention centre.

My expectations out of the meet were

  • Put a face to the blogger whom i’m reading in the google reader last few months / years.
  • To see the unconference style of these gatherings
  • Also to see/chat with a few of my readers (ok, of the meagre 40-50 of them for the DailyPhoto Chennai blog of mine)

So met the following

Vasanth G & Jothivel

Revathy & Ashok

Tulsi Gopal


and met Aaroo, Vadapoche, Swami Nithyananda Msnarain ….

W.r.t to the “Unconference”, it was a disappointment.

……. hmmm had an interesting time and my wife got a Tee Shirt from Indi Blogger. Yes, she took that away …… :(

Flowers & its fragrances

The Kamaraj (Koyambedu) Flower market was in its full life, throttle in the mornings, the new arrivals sorted, the wholesalers arranging for the retailers. The business was brisk as it was in the festive season and flowers are the essential part in announcing the festivity ……

Some flowers for your eyes ….





Coronations & Jebras
Coronations, Jebras & Other Bouqet Flowers

And more varieties of flowers for all seasons & all reasons ….

Madras week

…. this time the madras week has a lot to offer. The photowalks organised by Ravages, the wikipedia walks, and quite a bit of Heritage walks / chats organised.

Check about the photowalks here.

The Madras Quiz details below :
madras quiz poster.001

madras quiz poster

The Madras Day events to be checked here.

Destroyer of Enemies

or in other words the meaning of ARIHANT.

At the stroke of noon on Sunday, India demonstrated its capability to indigenously build and operate a nuclear-powered submarine with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launching INS Arihant for sea trials here. Tugged gently from its dry-dock base, the 110-metre-long, 11-metre wide vessel can displace 6,000 tonnes of water. Its journey towards the sea is the first step before eventual induction into the Navy that Dr. Singh said marked “years of hard work, dedication and perseverance.”


Though the project conceived by Late Ms Indira Gandhi in 70’s and actually started in Mid-80’s, with USSR, later had setback due to disintegration of the USSR. L&T played a significant role in this “Much denied existing” project for the Indian Navy.

Chennai & The New Face

Hues may vary, but humanity doesn’t ……

The commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots is happening this time in Chennai with a series of events covering Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Transgendered. The final event is the March today (27/6/09) at Marina Beach.

The press release could be checked here.

….. i guess there should be an awareness series from the supporting organisations to the general public on the same in an continued & sustained effort.

Aircel & Client Care


The same company in the same day two extreme experiences.

My GPRS had got disconnected probably because of my attempting to connect the Wi-Fi in my phone and i couldn’t restore the same to the default Aircel GPRS setting for about a day or two. So called them by 6am on Monday, they directed me to the exclusive helpdesk for GPRS + VAS services and they understood the issue without much fuss and set it right at that hour of the day by Mahesh from their helpdesk.

Same day i had to be at Hyderabad and my roaming was not connecting. So when the customer care was called and had to explain the issue, i was promised within an hour same will be set right. After 1:30 hrs i call and explain the whole thing again, i was promised it’d be up in 2 hours. So call again after 2:30 hrs they say it’ll take 24 hours. The issue “They disconnected the same wrongly, while disconnecting Intl. Roaming “. Then their supervisor was spoken to and he agrees it was their fault in wrongly doing so and restored it in 20 minutes.

Hmm why can’t the front end be given incentives from the management to solve the client issues just like sales team getting sales. Here they do much more critical job to give a positive experience and ensure stickiness of the client to their service.

With Mobile Number portability to be launched soon ….

How do you fix the economy?

An interesting forward to fix the US economy ……

There was an article in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper last Sunday. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on “How Would You Fix The Economy?”

Here’s what one guy wrote back:

Dear Mr.President,

There are about 40 million people over the age of 50 in the work force. Pay each of them $1 million as severance with the following stipulations:

1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed.

2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered – Auto Industry fixed.

3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.

All this and it’s still cheaper than the “bailout”!

We did the walking … 18th time

An essay on our walk in Pics …..

@ 6:45 am in front of Mylai Karpagambal Mess (c)

@ 6:45 am in front of Mylai Karpagambal Mess (c)

@7:15am the group started moving around the mylapore tank (c)

@7:15am the group started moving around the mylapore tank (c)

@7:40 am the tank was covered (c)

@7:40 am the tank was covered (c)

@8:15 am at the Thirumailai MRTS Station to board a strain to Fort (c)

@8:15 am at the Thirumailai MRTS Station to board a strain to Fort (c)

Waiting for the train (c)

Waiting for the train (still the new time not updated) (c)

In the train (c)

In the train (c)

Alighted at Fort station ... and off to the Fort (c)

Alighted at Fort station ... and off to the Fort (c)

Enroute to Fort (c)

Enroute to Fort (c)

The wall (not Dravid) ... of the fort (c)

The wall (not Dravid) ... of the fort (c)

The Road .... (c)

The Road .... (c)

The Flag .... (the tallest free standing flag mast in India) (c)

The Flag .... (the tallest free standing flag mast in India) (c)

The Denial ... Thanks to Bureaucracy we were not let inside the Fort Compound (c)

The Denial ... Thanks to Bureaucracy we were not let inside the Fort Compound (c)

The Final tired and dejected group at 10am (c)

The Final tired and dejected group at 10am (c)

See you all at the next week’s sojourn at the JAIL Break.

WP & its knick knacks

WordPress Garage, yes its coming to Chennai.

Details here ……


All bloggers who are using WP or planning to use could attend.


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