12 angry men

… yes, the same 12 angry men the story by Reginald Rose and which became a contemporary and inducted in the top 100 american movies of the century was here in Chennai as a Play by Loyola Theatre society.

Was excited to watch the same on 13th march at Sivagami Petachi. I guess the rain gods decided to play some hide n seek that day and there was a heavy downpour while the play started and more so when the play ended.

I’m becoming a fan of  Sarvesh Sridar (hope i’m right, the Jury No.8) after this performance and the earlier oneas Alok Gupta in 5 point someone …… i presume the play was part of some Management schools for team effort, team building and leadership (quote their handout at the venue unquote), no guesses why it should be.

Should commend the loyola team for bringing the 1954 body language, american accents etc. (as if i’m the authority of those times, just guesing and sounded right to me .. period).

psst … they didn’t allow cameras in … so no pics ….

P.s : my entire family enjoyed the play … which incl. my wife, son & sis.


2 Responses

  1. 12 Angry men is one of the best English Classics I’ve seen. It would have been fun enacting it.


  2. Yes Alagu …… One should watch these guys from Loyola doing justice to the classic.

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