Stork season …..


1. A S gets a girl

2. S K gets a boy

3. L S gets a girl

4. S A gets a boy

5. PL.S gets a girl

6. S R is pregnant

7. A K is pregnant

this seems to be a stork season at the friendly neighbourhood …….

also been following these lovely blogs on parenting …. Hallucinations, The Brat & Bean, Cute cantaloupe, Babies anonymous ……. Kudos to these guys for making us enjoy the parenthood …..

edited & added point #5 … 

picture courtesy : i stock photo

2 Responses

  1. […] LV (my cousin sis). She’s off to LON to see her pregnant daughter (missed her count in my stork season). The packing, repacking & weighing ordeal seems to be happening endlessely at home. Is 21 Kgs […]

  2. […] of joy … Posted on September 5, 2008 by RamN In continuation with my earlier post on Baby Stork, S.R has got a baby boy today morning and i’m very glad knowing that. Met her y’day […]

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