Times of India

Is the newspaper scene going to change in chennai, with the launch of TOI in April14th.

The following might happen :-

1. Advertisers get a better deal from both TH & TOI

2. Readers get an option. (is it?)

3.  New Franchisees / Agencies sprouting to sell space

4. Adv. agencies will claim to give more bang for their clients buck

5. DC will loose market share (will it?)

6. TH will launch more NXg’s as supplements (will it be worth?)

7. Households get more paper for monthend expenses 🙂

8. Poaching of staffs between magazines

Do u agree?


2 Responses

  1. The HINDU is the best newspaper in terms of non-sensationalism,balanced aproach, paper and language quality unlike the crass content in TOI.TOI gives importance to fashion, bollywood, gossips, masala news, privacy of other lives..

    TOI may be the largest but THE HINDU is the better..infact DC and Indian express are better than TOI>

  2. i tend to agree with u Ramesh. But TH seems to be leaning the left way … which is unlike them …..

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