At the departure lounge

I love the sound of the word lounge, that’s why i added that to the title, else it’s plain n simple departure terminal. As i said yesterday i was there at the Anna Intl. Airport Terminal y’day (or was it today morning !, yes today at 1am) to see my cousin sis LV off to LON. Though i had to get up at 12:30 midnight and reach the airport & i was bleary eyed, i liked going to the airport at that wee hour.

Main reason, i get to watch a mixed bag of feelings around me at that time from relatives and friends of these travellers. First things, LV after butterflies in her stomach on her first abroad and flight trip, managed it well with the weight of luggage (which was well under 20Kgs and 7Kgs for check-in and cabin baggages resply).

While i waited at the visitors hold area till she check’s in the luggages, gets a boarding pass was watching the emotions around. From the i-have-been-abroad-many-times g’men & ladies who walked in with the least of luggages and breezed through the process to Men-leaving-family-back-after-vacation types who were saying goodbye’s many a times to their spouses, kid(s) & parents(and in-laws) to Just-married-men-leaving-their-spouses leaving their spouses with pain, love & instructions on how& when to join them to unskilled-or-blue-collar-employees leaving for greener pastures from their native villages with lots of fear, apprehension about their work/employer & leaving their loved ones (their sons and daughters playing peekaboo , catch me games inside the terminals and very happy to have seen a landmark to fill their classmates about this trip) to IT geeks with their parents/spouses being seen of to US with a mixed-fashion-jeans-university tee-thiruneeru-on-their-forehead to fathers-seeing-off-daughters-to-her-mom-at-abroad-for-holidays affectionate but still worried to see their grown up daughter flying off with a friends family to meet her mom who’s employed abroad to many more such range of emotions  and make you a silent spectator to such swings of moods and emotions around you. ♥¤€£¥∞ (these special signs have connections to many of the above emotions).

P.s: While i was searching for an apt image of the Airport terminal i found the above picture in Google search and it was one of my friend’s. Thanks & Credit to CC / Ravages (both are same ;-))


2 Responses

  1. That picture brought back so many memories. The very first flight out to the last one, and all in between. 🙂

  2. 🙂

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