TOI ….

Following are my take on the initial reactions of the new TOI in Chennai …

1. Good marketing efforts …. most of the homes were decorated with the traditional Kolams near my home (will post the picture once my home PC is rectified), had an impactful launch.

2. Had a decent share of adv’s on the 1st day itself (rack rates of them wud’ve been zillion times cheaper than TH)

3. Rate war (TH reduced their rates to Rs 2.5 from Rs 3.5)

4. The New I E started their new look 100% steel & 0% gas (liked their outdoor & TVCs)

5. TOI’s layout concentrating on being Chennai (will post some pics of same courtesy GVB … soon)

6. My wife didn’t like the layout & fonts (she says they are cluttered)

7. They are so far a little cautious about their (famous) contents on flesh … (fingers crossed, still they talk about cameroon diaz’s flesh correction on their page 3)

Will have to wait and watch TOI ….. check a related post earlier


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  1. […] …. contd. Posted on April 19, 2008 by sawme Please find the Kolam, as promised and the Launch issue again as promised […]

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