There were two news’s which i read today bothered me much,

It’s a fight for survival in Madhya Pradesh as the state faces an acute water shortage. A villager was last Tuesday hacked to death for refusing water from his well to a fellow villager.Forty five-year-old Bhallu Rajak was a resident of the Mudkhera village, which is home to 2000 people. Almost all sources of water in the village have dried up and Rajak’s well was one amongst the five that provided water to the entire village. On April 29, Vitthal Thakur — a resident of the same village — wanted to draw more water than his daily quota. When Rajak objected to that, Thakur allegedly hacked him to death in a bout of rage.

More than 15,000 people are feared dead in the devastation caused by Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.The survivors have no access to power or water and Yangon has appealed for international help. India has already sent two warships with relief material.The country is bearing the brunt of the deadliest natural disaster in its history. The casualty count has been rising rapidly, as authorities reach the worst-hit islands and villages in the Irrawaddy Delta, where the storm wreaked the most havoc.The pictures taken at Myanmar, show many roofs were ripped off even sturdy buildings, suggesting damage would be severe in shanty towns. Military and police units are on rescue and cleanup operations in Yangon, but residents complain the junta’s response is weak.

Both news items are about water and the results, effects of it. But what bothers me much is the wastage of water by all of us and we don’t try and save them. There should be concrete efforts by all of us to save water or for that matter any natural resources like oil, petrol, electricity …….


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  1. Sad news reports. Your point is well taken about conservation.

    Ram : Thanks Lessie … pls spread the word around

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