Air lift to the BIAL airport !

The web / log world seems to be abuzz with activity about the new BIAL airport coming up (slated for opening on 24th may’08), the distances, the hurdles to reach, the costs etc. So i was naturally intrigued by this stand-up scroll placed at the HAL airport about it costing just Rs 300/- to reach the new BIAL airport from anywhere in Bangalore.

Tried their site, which doesn’t offer more details apart from the ones offered in the banner. Except for confusing more by stating ” Bangalore New airport to anywhere in Rs 300/=” so is it offered only FROM the new BIAL airport or To the airport also?

Need to check out when i travel next …….


5 Responses

  1. Yes, this service is available from the new airport to the city as well. visit … the homepage gives you other transport options as well

    Ram : Thanks for the info “inform”

  2. I think if its a good service one should go for it….Good to know Airlift is providing such a useful sevice to the travellers from the new airport and vica versa.

    Ram : Will be trying it next time, Thanks Srikanth

  3. I have taken their service twice though its a shared ride it’s good in comfort and there is no delay in their schedule they are just on time and liked their services.

    Ram: Good you enjoyed their service, Deepak. I’ve started using the trusted trains or the road to travel now to Bangalore. đŸ™‚

  4. […] recall my various trips to Bengalooru earlier here & here through the other means and my take on the New Devanahalli […]

  5. It’s a pathetic service. I missed my flight because of it. Read my article on it:

    Ram : Oh thats a news … Fortunately then i couldn’t use their service both times when i needed, but used the BMTC’s Volvo …, Thanks for dropping by.

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