You need a landline for Takeway

….. yes its not a ploy to grab your attention, my friend just had an experience today. Hotel Saravana Bhavan refused a HomeDelivery order of my friend (A’s) saying they don’t have a landline connection at home (just a cell connectivity is not enough i believe).

When they ordered a Rangoli Thaali (BTW that thaali is yummy & fundoo varieties) at their neighbourhood branch of HSB, they were asked for a landline connection and refused delivery since they where not privileged to have a wired phone. Looks like they have taken a leave out of the Banks who offer a loan or a credit card with pre-set conditions and one such normally is a Landline to do a Telephone verification. (they also check the BSNL site normally to establish the fact), i just hope HSB doesn’t do a Dedupe 😉 …..

Is it a stray case of Weekend overbooking and an excuse to refuse or its a Standard Operating Procedure for HSB, i wonder !!!

check a fellow bloggers idea for HSB going e Menu …. but are they all ears !

Edited to add : Errata : the headlines should read “You need a landline for Home Delivery”

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