Dumb charades

While driving to office, when i crossed the WUS at Spurtank road and saw a group of college students on a van announcing their trip, i had the fond memories of my college day cultural trips came flooding.

Though not part of either light music, debates, western or any of those glamorous-soon-to-be-recognised events atypical of a college culc’s, but was a part of the Dumb Charades team (both English & Tamizh) & frequently on the Quizzing team.

English DumbC’s are similar in most culc’s with the format having an English Movie round, Personalities round, Tongue Twister round mostly.  (though some had a Dumb-Dumb Charade, where you mime to one teammate and he/she without spelling out what they understood mimes to the other teammate (who was blindfolded), who has to correctly answer the clue).

But the Tamizh ones are normally interesting because of the unfamiliarity of the territory and clue’s being from many ideas. Again movie rounds, song rounds, lyricist/poet rounds, personality rounds, proverb rounds are again which we encountered.

Memories are fresh from the 1st Culturals we attended in REC (now NIT), Trichy called Festember in 1990-1 to ACCULFES in Alagappa Tech, Karaikudi to Renaissance @ PSG Tech to Harmony @ CIT ……

An Digital Camera then would have kept the memories visually, now restricted to jus my memory alone……

Photo Courtesy : Live in Peace


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