Brands …. which have faded away …..

We have come across several brands (and some models of these brands) in our life’s and lots of them seem to have faded away from our usage, memory or taken over and rebranded …… this one is down the memory lane for such ones.

(not in any particular order)

  • Dyanora (our 1st B&W TV)
  • Solidaire TV(i was associated with them)
  • Hotshot cameras
  • NikiTasha TV & Cooking range
  • Crown TV
  • Grundig Electronics
  • HMT watches (it’s still existing i guess)
  • Hero pens & writing instruments
  • RPG Cellular
  • Skycell
  • Carona shoes
  • Kumar Shirts (pioneers in low cost readymade shirts)
  • Siemens Mobiles (especially their once very famous S4 model)
  • BSA SLR Bicycles
  • Yamaha Rx100 bikes
  • Sakura films (later became Konica)
  • Salora TV
  • JJ TV Channel
  • Golden Eagle Channel

the list is still not over ….. and seems never ending …….

Why don’t you add some more in the comments section …..


5 Responses

  1. Interesting Post.Weston Tv,Luna,TVS Champ,TVS 50,Baja Chetak Scooter Dunno whether it exists in North India Or Not But in Tamilnadu Oru Paya not using..

    IMO I Wud Say DD and its Nostalgic Progs…is the most am missing with these kinda Crap Channels DD heavenly in 80’s

    Ram : Your observation is right about the brands in TN, Mahesh. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your views.

  2. Just wanna tell you that some of the brands like the JJTV, GoldenEagle, Skycell and RPG are now renamed and not faded away…

    Ram: Thanks for the visit Deepak, yes they have faded into oblivion …..

  3. […] we forgot … Posted on January 25, 2009 by RamN You recall my earlier list of brands we forgot …. one more list of products we seems to have lost use for (or almost losing them) […]

  4. another forgotten thing is Eyetex. That sticky potted kajal.

    Ram: Yes Rima … one more to the list added … 🙂

  5. Add these brands also : GOPAL TOOTH POWDER, NIRMA WASHING POWDER, etc

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