Nostalgia ……

Last week was very very nostalgic …… lots of trips down the memory lanes, meetings after 26 years with friends, (yes you heard it right after 26 years) …..

First it all started with V aka Rangu arriving to chennai from US of A and was with his family S, P & K. We met first in Meenam @ Harrisons for a boys only nite with myself, rangs, Cat, Biscuit, rat bite, Anna & Boochi. Met rat bite after 15 years of finishing college …. not changed much. Had a ball of a time.

Then Poosari had come from Gelf and he also wanted meet (more than him his wife had not met many of us, so she wanted to catch up with her spouses frenz) … hence it was a phamily affair and this time it was myself, biscuit, rangu, poosari, Thalapathi, Topper, Guna and cat’s families together @ vrindhavan. It was a ruckus of affair and the stewards and bearers were confused till last on what we ordered, reordered, rereordered etc … End of it , the whole affair was fun b’cos of boochi’s stickler of spoilicy to always come late and with lots of excuses in store. Oh, i forgot to mention he came late like when we finished and started back homes.

It’s not the end of it ……

We had a side plan to meet again boys only at Greenpark the next day and we met …. poosari, thalapathi, myself, rangu & poos’s fren …..

I thought the week of Nostalgia was coming to an end and no it was not !

Veejay (my schoolmate) calls and tells my wonder-baloon (recall the erstwhile childrens programme in Doordarshan) friend is in country (oh not again from USofA) and we are meeting this time in Eden, Annanagar. Holy i was half expecting the thick framed friend of mine whom i met 26 years back and when we graduated (ha haa … like this word) from 5th standard (don’t search for me to give a whack), but here was the suave USofA return and not changed much (oxymoron na!). We recalled, recalled and recalled about the lunch times, “புல்லாங்குழல் கொடுத்த மூங்கில்களே”, merry go arounds, why he didn’t attend the “wonder balloon” audition since i didn’t want to attend etc ….

Should i even say life was wonderful last week!!!


2 Responses

  1. topic on nostalgia is very interesting

    Ram : Thanks Nitish

  2. good thinking

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