7th July to 15th July is 10 days ……

………. Yes according to Motorola India, its 10 days!!!

Maths genius Srinivasa Ramanujam would be scratching his brain to find a formula for arriving this answer.

When i buy a Motorola L6i on 7th July’08 evening for my spouse (against her choice of Nokia’s) from Subhiksha Mobiles, i didn’t realise the ordeal i’m going to go through after that. I’m (arrghhh … i was) a Motorola fan from 1995 (from using a Motorola 5200, do you recall the handset) till sometime back when i used a Motorola V600. Though i now use a P1i of Sony Ericsson, thanks to my friend. The phone started getting hot & very hot either while charging or otherwise and the display light was not getting off, so it was always brightly lit like diwali throughout the day and lastly the “Initial Setup” menu couldn’t be selected at all.

Hence went to the retailer on 11th evening, the staff did try some stuff and claimed its been rectified. (The display light started going off after that, if you lock the keypad and press menu). But the other maladies continued. So go again to the retailer the next day (12th), who advised us to go to the Nearby MotoStore. Off we go to the MotoStore the next day on 13th, their staff’s claimed that they are open ONLY FOR SALES and NOT FOR SERVICE on a Sunday. (So much for client support !!!)

So my spouse goes next day after her work to the store again on 14th and they say yes the handset has a problem & go to Redington India in TTK road, alas it was 430pm so she called before going and they said the service centre would be closed sharp by 6pm and if she reaches late they can’t help. Since the MotoStore guy warned saying the replacement warranty is only for a week and it was getting over on 14th we should rush there. Hence Redington guys were informed about the same and our plight on reaching from the other corner of Chennai to TTK road within 6pm looked bleak, they advised us to come by 10am sharp the next day.

There i go and reach them at 10am on 15th, the service support lady was supportive and empathetic. She reassured she’ll try with Motorola for the replacement and she expected that to go through without much of a fuss. But when contacted on 17th morning, they claim my phone is 10 days old on 15th and hence as per policy they can’t provide a replacement ……….

I’m dumbstuck at this response and subsequently their toll free no.s responses on this issue ……

The battle continues ……….. but they’ve lost a client for Motorola henceforth. (Which actually might not be significant and matter to them) I might not be creating great impact on them, but sure to spread this experience to people close to me and reminded whenever i buy / influence a buy of a mobile.

My take :-

  • Should the retailer not advise about the one week warranty on the 1st instance and direct to the right service centre?
  • Should we get time and date stamped
  • Should the Service setup at MotoStore’s also not work on a Sunday, Why only sales on a sunday?
  • Should service set-up’s not in a position to push the Principle company, since they only speak to the client and understand the whole issue?
  • If they can’t work on a sunday, then is the warranty a seven working days warranty or seven days warranty?
  • Is there empowerment not possible / not given to frontline service staff’s (This Redington Counter Service staff was very good and realised the issue, but she was helpless).

Lots to ponder about ……


2 Responses

  1. […] thinks so.  Ram growls at Motorola and asks them a few questions for giving lame excuses instead of providing an after sales service […]

  2. Good eye opener for people who want to buy one.
    Have linked you on Blogbharti here.


    Ram: Thanks Cuckoo, hope the COMPANY also realises the need of the hour and thats Service.

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