Walking … with a camera in hand

….. Could be a very interesting experience, as you guys know i’ve been going with CC’s photowalk’s from the 5th edition onwards and this month was special because of Chennai’s b’day week. We had 3 walks …. last sunday at Karaneeswarar temple till little mount, yesterday at Annanagar Tower park and today morning between Parthasarathy temple, thiruvallikeni till senate building, madras university.

The curious public, helpful & suggestive fellow walkers, people who get upset at clicking random shots in public … you get to see an entire range of fellow citizens of Chennai.

Incidentally last sunday’s walk was the most pleasurable, no incidents(err almost none) and no harassments walk. We even had a gentleman by name Mr. Venkatraman helping us inside the Karaneeswarar temple by pointing out various landmarks of the temple, history etc. VERY HELPFUL GENTLEMAN.


The public in general are just curious to know why we are taking pictures of them or random scene’s and more curious to know if we are all from some Press or Media. (especially the cops).

The shopkeepers/ hawkers are always ready to pose for pictures and are happy to see the digicam screen results of their snaps.

………. will keep walking (like the Johnnie walker)


One Response

  1. i didn’t know you blogged!
    Nice meeting you in blogosphere!
    Johnny Walker! Yes! đŸ™‚

    Ram: Hey Narain, hope now you charged the batteries ….;) , Gr8 meeting in this world too.

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