Teamroles & me

Do you think that you are a lovely human, individual who’s attentive to your colleagues, discuss strategies, agree plans and actions, wonderful human resource leader ….. you might be in for a surprise.

Yes, this week starting i had some shock of my presumptions. While we (our company leadership team, nice sound to ears nah!) were all locked up in an outskirts resort to understand our strengths basis our self-perceptions, observer assessments and the overall behavioural outcome from the algorithm of the famous BELBIN leadership model.

Ha haa, i’m not going to disclose my top 3 teamroles and where i lack. If you were expecting it, you are naive. (:D)

Then we got involved to running a company with resources to be planned, infrastructure looked at, with Reputation & Prestige at stake, Pricing decisions to be made and what kind of Target Clients are we looking at and are the above decisions planned accordingly. This called the Celemi’s Livon market place.

The surprises again were a plenty and obviously we were reaffirmed our experience or the lack of one in running a company and the short term approaches we tend to take without looking at the broader picture was evident. Forgot to mention this is a Board Based Game on lines of Monopoly / Gameopoly.

And left the programme, for the 1st time, with a state of mind called “Content”.

Mr Ravi, who facilitated the entire programme didn’t possibly leave a stone unturned and his team from CERT India did a “wow”.

Mr. Ravi Sundaram


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