Chennai to Bengalooru

After my various trips to Bengalooru by various modes, this week i managed to do a morning – evening by my car to the IT capital and back.

You’d recall my various trips to Bengalooru earlier here & here through the other means and my take on the New Devanahalli Airport.

Some interesting facts/Pictures about the drive are given below:-

  • 350 odd KMs between the two cities
  • Covered exactly 731 KMs starting at my home and reaching back my home.
  • Saw the Nokias, Motorolas, Caparos, Flextronics, Foxconns etc. and quite a number of engineering colleges on the way. I guess opening an engineering college seems to be easier than opening a primary school.
  • Passed through such village names on the journey Pootuthaakku (பூட்டுதாக்கு), Damal (தாமல்), Sumaithaangi (சுமைதாங்கி), Vengili (வெங்கிளி), Poigai (பொய்கை), Sethuvaalai (செதுவாளை) to name a few interesting ones.
  • The village names after Krishnagiri towards Hosur are mostly ending with “halli”
  • The breakfast at Grand Krishna in the Vellore outskirts was good
  • The median gardens are well maintained and attended to. Saw atleast 5/6 groups at various medians attending, pruning, medicating these plants across the stretch.
  • There are 5 Toll Plaza’s enroute, 1st is at Nemili (one way Rs 30 & return Rs 40), 2nd at Samudram (Rs 30 one way & Rs 40 return), 3rd being at Pallikonda (Rs 50 one way & Rs 65 for return), 4th at Vaniambadi (Rs 38 for one way & Rs 53 for return) and last at Krishnagiri (One way Rs 25 & Rs 38 for return). All costs are for Car / Jeep / Van and return is within 24 hours.
  • Got stuck while returning near Hyundai factory owing to a fire accident because of two vehicles collision (one was a readymix concrete vehicle and other not too sure, as it was in the gorge). But surprisingly the traffic block cleared fast post the fire engine tending to the fire immediately.
  • Overall it was a drive worth the penny and absolutely pleasure with the kind of roads till Hosur, once the 3 flyovers get over (incl. the 14.8 Kms one crossing electronic city) the other side of the road inside Karnataka will also be pleasure to drive.

the flowers in the median

The heavy vehicle traffic

Picturusque hillocks

Some ups & downs

Good reflectors to aid driving in the night

Clear directional signages

So i’m waiting to pack my bags to do a trip again on this road, but now with the family and not official.


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