Quick and easy way to pass Exams ….

Normally we do the following to ensure we pass, score good marks in our exams to move forward.

  • Study hard, read thoroughly all lessons and topics more than once.
  • Study smart, look at previous years question papers and arrive at a formula on which all topics might appear and do a permutation & combination.
  • Take tuition’s at the neighbourhood teachers and work hard on weaker areas
  • Revise orally & through writing the answers, when the exams are closer.
  • Group or Combined studies with friends, read for a few hours, chat for more hours.
  • And the last, carry the “bits” in your dress to refer during the exams.

Here’s another area to circumvent most of the above ways …. curious? check it out below ….

Write the specific requirements like “from which class to which class” or “specific subjects” et al in the walls of the Temple, the GOD will take care of them.


3 Responses

  1. I remember this place!

  2. bits in dresses is a very bad idea. guys come n check “dresses” in my coll. so better idea
    -chits in slippers/shoes(no 1 s gonna go near it…phew..it stinks)
    -behind ID card tags
    n at last if ur in the verge of gettin caught “EAT IT”…..
    this idea s also a good 1 btw…. never tried this till date..

  3. a dress design

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