Favourite pastimes ….

After a long hiatus, back to writing about a few opf my favourite pastimes ….

I’ve always wanted to play tennis is childhood days, and always i used dream about myself as a great tennis champ during my school times. As a matter of fact, i’ve not greatly participated, nor excelled, nor even attempted to learn professionally a sport so far. Leave alone play and win.

But that desire in mind has helped me in creating a cruel pastime, which is killing mosquitoes by a wonderful Chinese made device.


As many of you now know i’m not a great writer, forget it, not even a writer when reading my blogs and its posts. This was anchored and continues in me even till now, so my writing skills with a pen (especially) is a big question mark. So i use the pens i retain after using (in other words flicking) for cleaning the nails, cleaning the ears (as buds) …. would soon run a contest for all of you to list the other fringe benefits of a ballpoint pen.


Want to know more …. Buddy wait nah, not everything in one go.


One Response

  1. Ram… if u ever ‘fly’ out of victims for ur tennis practice, welcome home anytime… Entry allowed only with ur specialized chinese bat.
    And… when r u returning the Gold Cross Pen that u flicked from me??

    Ram: I know now where to come ….. for killing the minnows …. 🙂
    Would you need your Gold+Chrome cross or the watermann of yours or the 045 Carbure?

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