Aircel & Client Care


The same company in the same day two extreme experiences.

My GPRS had got disconnected probably because of my attempting to connect the Wi-Fi in my phone and i couldn’t restore the same to the default Aircel GPRS setting for about a day or two. So called them by 6am on Monday, they directed me to the exclusive helpdesk for GPRS + VAS services and they understood the issue without much fuss and set it right at that hour of the day by Mahesh from their helpdesk.

Same day i had to be at Hyderabad and my roaming was not connecting. So when the customer care was called and had to explain the issue, i was promised within an hour same will be set right. After 1:30 hrs i call and explain the whole thing again, i was promised it’d be up in 2 hours. So call again after 2:30 hrs they say it’ll take 24 hours. The issue “They disconnected the same wrongly, while disconnecting Intl. Roaming “. Then their supervisor was spoken to and he agrees it was their fault in wrongly doing so and restored it in 20 minutes.

Hmm why can’t the front end be given incentives from the management to solve the client issues just like sales team getting sales. Here they do much more critical job to give a positive experience and ensure stickiness of the client to their service.

With Mobile Number portability to be launched soon ….


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  1. Well that was remarkably fast compared to how telecom services generally operate….But u have to give the devil its due… it has to be noted that they were very good on the 1st go and the 2nd time arnd the not only acknowledged the mistake but fixed it so I see a neat piece or work by the customer service… the margin for error of source needs to be given.

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