1) Special Editions Bumper Saturday Offer!
Shop btw 11am to 1pm or 8pm to 11pm & get additional 10% off on 3shirts@999 offer.

2) Learn Java Rs500/- only, DTP, Tally, MS-Office, C, C++, DCA, PGDCA, HDCA, WebDesign, J2EE, DOTNET, Ct Sun Computer Infotech

3) Buy XXXXX @ Market rate, Tgt Rs 36-38. Bonus Declared 1:1 & Record date for Ex Bonus XXXX, Recommends Dividend.

4) Visit Sign Today 2009 Exhibition for Indoor & Outdoor Advertising – 17, 18 & 19th July at Chenai Trade Centre

5) “Sauna” Tummy reducing belt worth Rs 1500/= now just Rs 600 only with 1 year gurantee for 3 days only FOR FREE DOOR DELIVERY CALL XXXXX

6) Delivery Call – Buy XXXXX @ Market price, SL : 202, Tgt : 20% gain with Bullish trend sure shot of XXXXX Broadcast.

7) If you have your own cricket team then why you wait. Register today to win 1lakh as the first price.DPL in your city, pls contact XXXXX

These are some of the weird SMS’s which reach me as SPAM forwards. Forgot to mention i’m on DND….. hmmmm


2 Responses

  1. even these msgs irritates me alot…v hav nothing to do with all these still they keep on sending thes type of things….

  2. hhaaahhhhhhh

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