Trees & Shades …. Contd

First Part here ….

The Copper Pod Tree, because of the colour and shade of the pods of the tree.
Copper Pod Tree

மலை வேம்பு (Malai Vembu) the country cousin of the neem tree.
Malai Vembu

Pungam tree (புங்கம்), its a brilliant anti-duster and purifies oxygen, a must tree if your home is on the main road (so that it cuts of dust and sends fresh air). Also the spots on the leaves are a routine fungus and not any malady is what i heard.

… yes, you guessed right, some more to come ….


3 Responses

  1. Hi, Any idea where I can get Malai Vembu leaves in Chennai?

  2. can plant malai vembu in front house?

  3. Hi, Me too need the answer for the above 2 questions. Please mail me the details. Also I want to get more details in Tree growing concept. Can I get contact \s related to this?

    Thanks for your valuable answer and time.

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