The meet that was ….

Its just less than a month, so you can’t call it too late … 🙂

Its about the IndiBlogger Meet i attended on 20th Mar’10 in Chennai – GRT Convention centre.

My expectations out of the meet were

  • Put a face to the blogger whom i’m reading in the google reader last few months / years.
  • To see the unconference style of these gatherings
  • Also to see/chat with a few of my readers (ok, of the meagre 40-50 of them for the DailyPhoto Chennai blog of mine)

So met the following

Vasanth G & Jothivel

Revathy & Ashok

Tulsi Gopal


and met Aaroo, Vadapoche, Swami Nithyananda Msnarain ….

W.r.t to the “Unconference”, it was a disappointment.

……. hmmm had an interesting time and my wife got a Tee Shirt from Indi Blogger. Yes, she took that away …… 😦


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