Aam Admi

Check this menu ….. and especially the pricing ….

Vegetarian thali: Rs 12.50

Non-vegetarian thali: Rs 22

Sada dosa: Rs 2.50

Masala dosa: Rs 4

Dal (assorted): Rs 1.50

Soup with one slice: Rs 5.50

Four chapatis: Rs 2

Boiled rice: Rs 2

take a guess where is this at?
it’s a menu card and pricing valid even now ….

It’s the parliament’s canteen and this is the cost for our MP’s …..
On one side their salaries have been increasing, on the other hand subsidy for such acts.

Hmmm ….


Karpagambal thunai

Boli, Kichadi & Dosai were my choices from the menu last week when i visited this place. Dosai is ok, but the other two are sure repeats for many. Also their Uthappam is good.

Basic space, clean waiters, slightly larger non-A/c section and a smaller A/c section. The menu is quite vast in south indian varieties, especially tamil and brahmin items i presume.


Thats Mylai Karpagambal Mess, opp. Rasi Silks, and almost opp Kapaleeswarar temple & its Car (why is the தேர் , called Car?).

A must go place for veggie, south indian loving people.

Customer service …. and more

Customer service is always expected and never available.

This is the feeling most of us carry. Couple of incidents in the last few weeks brought the memories back about this as a subject.

When you order just a Paneer Achari Roll & a tomato soup in a busy restaurant on a Saturday afternoon, and you are all alone, you are not going to be among the well serviced tables. When the soup turns out to be a Chicken soup for a veggie like me you are too sure the way the service is going to be.

But “Bay Leaf” and its Steward (probably i’m wrong on his designation) Mr. Sundar from that moment onwards changed my “I-know-it-all & i’ve-seen-it-all” attitude. The soup got changed without a blink, no arguments like “i thought it was chicken soup” varieties. When i tried calling one of their bearers (who incidentally was a oriya person), Sundar again interfered and said he might not understand me as he doesn’t know the language to avoid embarrassments. These guys where very courteous and where on the ball.

I was also liking the table mat (nice quick fix Numerology on first letters of your name and thereby your character), but was hesitant to ask for one. While i was on the way out he came running with the table mat and the menu as a give away. (How did he know i was interested, no idea!)

Sum of it … all small things made/make a wonderful experience. A goof-up in service offers more opportunity to win over many than a regular service offering. (My armchair management idea i guess).

Did i say a “couple of incidents”? Yes, but i forgot the other unpleasant experiences now ……. but this one stays on ……. (contrary to my belief that negative experiences stays in your mind more than its opposite).