Bonded Love

Bonded Love

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by an aldrop. Part of 28th Chennai Photowalk 14/3/10. Seen at East Kalmandapam Road, behind a mini-van.


Destroyer of Enemies

or in other words the meaning of ARIHANT.

At the stroke of noon on Sunday, India demonstrated its capability to indigenously build and operate a nuclear-powered submarine with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launching INS Arihant for sea trials here. Tugged gently from its dry-dock base, the 110-metre-long, 11-metre wide vessel can displace 6,000 tonnes of water. Its journey towards the sea is the first step before eventual induction into the Navy that Dr. Singh said marked “years of hard work, dedication and perseverance.”


Though the project conceived by Late Ms Indira Gandhi in 70’s and actually started in Mid-80’s, with USSR, later had setback due to disintegration of the USSR. L&T played a significant role in this “Much denied existing” project for the Indian Navy.


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These are some of the weird SMS’s which reach me as SPAM forwards. Forgot to mention i’m on DND….. hmmmm

Indian elections 2009 & my disappointments

Scenario1(as I wished): The formidable Ex FM and Later HM should be defeated, but the UPA should retain Power, was my expectations. As he might be willing to add a few Cess’s, Surcharges and many such quirky names and taxes to the already burdened community.

Scenario 2 (as I prayed): The even more formidable MKA should win the Constituency (I know even if I wish he’ll not loose, so whats the point) but the UPA should not form the government and our Hero sitting in the opposition benches. Now you know where my disappointments stem from ……


……. I’ve always wondered is naming a very critical one!!

But many think so …. and now i’m pondering about it.

  1. Is the name a reflection of the firm or company?
  2. Is the name characterizing the venture and what it stands for?
  3. Should the name be simple enough to bring these characteristics?
  4. Should the name signify your favourite God or favourite pastime?
  5. Or the initials of your family, thereby proving its a family concern?
  • If the company you start deals with Logistics, should it be primarily named with inclination towards Speed, Safety, Movement, Mobility, Partners Initials, Grandpop’s name or is there a method in that madness?
  • If the firm you are about to start deals with leather goods, should it say the Hide or the lack of it, Fashion, design or what should it signify as per the end – user?

Many theories …. read this article.Keeps me thinking.

Quick and easy way to pass Exams ….

Normally we do the following to ensure we pass, score good marks in our exams to move forward.

  • Study hard, read thoroughly all lessons and topics more than once.
  • Study smart, look at previous years question papers and arrive at a formula on which all topics might appear and do a permutation & combination.
  • Take tuition’s at the neighbourhood teachers and work hard on weaker areas
  • Revise orally & through writing the answers, when the exams are closer.
  • Group or Combined studies with friends, read for a few hours, chat for more hours.
  • And the last, carry the “bits” in your dress to refer during the exams.

Here’s another area to circumvent most of the above ways …. curious? check it out below ….

Write the specific requirements like “from which class to which class” or “specific subjects” et al in the walls of the Temple, the GOD will take care of them.

Walking … with a camera in hand

….. Could be a very interesting experience, as you guys know i’ve been going with CC’s photowalk’s from the 5th edition onwards and this month was special because of Chennai’s b’day week. We had 3 walks …. last sunday at Karaneeswarar temple till little mount, yesterday at Annanagar Tower park and today morning between Parthasarathy temple, thiruvallikeni till senate building, madras university.

The curious public, helpful & suggestive fellow walkers, people who get upset at clicking random shots in public … you get to see an entire range of fellow citizens of Chennai.

Incidentally last sunday’s walk was the most pleasurable, no incidents(err almost none) and no harassments walk. We even had a gentleman by name Mr. Venkatraman helping us inside the Karaneeswarar temple by pointing out various landmarks of the temple, history etc. VERY HELPFUL GENTLEMAN.


The public in general are just curious to know why we are taking pictures of them or random scene’s and more curious to know if we are all from some Press or Media. (especially the cops).

The shopkeepers/ hawkers are always ready to pose for pictures and are happy to see the digicam screen results of their snaps.

………. will keep walking (like the Johnnie walker)