Whatte play man that was …..

Had gone with a misconception this was the novel by Chetan Bhagat called “One night at the call centre” …. then realised this is the story about the IITians ……

Museum TheatreLiked the guy who played “Alok Gupta”, “Neha” & “Ryan”, but the best was the narrator played by S Vidyuth as “Hari”.

The castWanting to see the Kumaun Hostel at IIT Delhi, the backdrop of the play.

Lots of them were nostalgic about hostels, peer pressures, assignments (though our Engg days were not so pressurised for studies, but the hostel days were close enough). The audience too were an appreciative lot and applauded when it was needed and kept silent when it was needed.

Museum theatre in itself was lovely and would be eager to watch it again with my wife, when they re-run the show soon at Chennai.

Will post a few shots soon, of the cast.


5 point someone ….

One stone , two mangoes …. three mangoes

1) Saw the much awaited 5.someone on 2nd february ’08

2) saw it in Museum theatre

3) Clicked the museum in full flood lights …

soon review, snaps of these above mangoes ….