……. I’ve always wondered is naming a very critical one!!

But many think so …. and now i’m pondering about it.

  1. Is the name a reflection of the firm or company?
  2. Is the name characterizing the venture and what it stands for?
  3. Should the name be simple enough to bring these characteristics?
  4. Should the name signify your favourite God or favourite pastime?
  5. Or the initials of your family, thereby proving its a family concern?
  • If the company you start deals with Logistics, should it be primarily named with inclination towards Speed, Safety, Movement, Mobility, Partners Initials, Grandpop’s name or is there a method in that madness?
  • If the firm you are about to start deals with leather goods, should it say the Hide or the lack of it, Fashion, design or what should it signify as per the end – user?

Many theories …. read this article.Keeps me thinking.


More we forgot …

You recall my earlier list of brands we forgot …. one more list of products we seems to have lost use for (or almost losing them) …..

  • Digital Diaries
  • Phone Book
  • Typewriters
  • Film cameras
  • Winding watches
  • AM Radio
  • B&W TVs
  • B&W Mobiles
  • Ink pens

Want to add more …. use the comments section ….

Brands …. which have faded away …..

We have come across several brands (and some models of these brands) in our life’s and lots of them seem to have faded away from our usage, memory or taken over and rebranded …… this one is down the memory lane for such ones.

(not in any particular order)

  • Dyanora (our 1st B&W TV)
  • Solidaire TV(i was associated with them)
  • Hotshot cameras
  • NikiTasha TV & Cooking range
  • Crown TV
  • Grundig Electronics
  • HMT watches (it’s still existing i guess)
  • Hero pens & writing instruments
  • RPG Cellular
  • Skycell
  • Carona shoes
  • Kumar Shirts (pioneers in low cost readymade shirts)
  • Siemens Mobiles (especially their once very famous S4 model)
  • BSA SLR Bicycles
  • Yamaha Rx100 bikes
  • Sakura films (later became Konica)
  • Salora TV
  • JJ TV Channel
  • Golden Eagle Channel

the list is still not over ….. and seems never ending …….

Why don’t you add some more in the comments section …..