Is Chrome a silver lining or …

The Blogosphere is abuzz with Google & Chrome.

Obviously one has to be bitten by this bug and had downloaded the same today and tried sync’ing my bookmarks from the trusted Firefox 3.1b & immediately to have an experience i tried to log-in using Chrome.

To say the experience so far has been bad mixed with Chrome, Flickr doesn’t open nor many other sites. Was just getting “Kill Page” icon or the “Snap” icon, now its going through.

Miles to go for Google before they could replace my attention from Firefox.


Firefox … the trails are hot

I’ve actually become a fan of Firefox and kept updating all their beta versions in Firefox 2 & 3. Now the Final version is out and i downloaded twice (for PC @ Home & Lap @ Office).

Probably this is the 1st (and mostly) the last post which gives more imporatnce to a current day brand,