Back from Mangalore aka Mangalooru

Yes, it was real fun and enjoyment at Mangalore.

Just back this sunday to Chennai and will write (rather show) more about whereall we’d been soon ….

Allow me to save those hi-res images to web upload sizes and update my travelogue (i like the sound of this word) ….. soon …. this week ….


Off to Mangalore …..

…….. yes off to mangalore next weekend for a vacation with family. Why mangalore? Though my family insisted on Goa, i chose Mangalore for various reasons ….

1. I know the terrain better than Goa (thanks to the 10 trips to setup 2 Bank’s branches over there)

2. It has similar options of beaches like Goa

3. Can reach easily / overnight from Bangalore (where my family is already vacationing)

4. Not heavy on pockets (its a presumption)

Guys / Gals …. Pls suggest some exotic / unexplored / not-so-famous-but-interesting-spots in and around Mangalore……. plan is to see Mudbidri / Kasargod ….