Trees & Shades …. Contd

First Part here ….

The Copper Pod Tree, because of the colour and shade of the pods of the tree.
Copper Pod Tree

மலை வேம்பு (Malai Vembu) the country cousin of the neem tree.
Malai Vembu

Pungam tree (புங்கம்), its a brilliant anti-duster and purifies oxygen, a must tree if your home is on the main road (so that it cuts of dust and sends fresh air). Also the spots on the leaves are a routine fungus and not any malady is what i heard.

… yes, you guessed right, some more to come ….


Trees and Shades

Thanks to Nizhal …. a NGO to re-introduce Trees and their lives to us, did take part in a Treewalk on Nov1st. some of the trees seen during the walk and learning from them ….

With the help of Ms Chitra & Ms Yamini (the resource persons who helped us in learning them) (Thanks to Ms Yamini for going over my pictures and correcting the facts)

The Palmayra, is the State Tree for Tamil Nadu.

Poomarudhu / Queens Crepe Myrtle / பூமருது … is an Indian species (most of the indian species have the name “indica” in their botanical names) and have some lovely flowers.

Gulmohar tree, not an native indian tree. Might have come from Madagascar.

More to come ………

Madras Chamber Orchestra

I was stunned to learn that the Madras Chamber Orchestra (MCO in Short) was revived last April’09 after nearly two decades of silence. That too for a 40 year old music group 20 years is definitely a long gap.

Was very happy to be watching their second act yesterday at the Egmore Museum Theatre. Revived and Conducted by Bernard Wacheux, a French national based out of Pondicherry and also a Violinist.

The Stage is set now for the Bach’s, the Beethoven’s and Vivaldi’s to flow again in the Heart of Chennai.

The Crowd’s now eager for the Chamber Music from the well trained and passionate 20+ String players of the MCO.

With an eminent conductor who has the passion to revive after nearly two decades and driving 300 odd KMs every weekend to practise with his team.

The Madras Chamber Orchestra needs to be supported by the public and not just Gatsby or Satsang with their sponsorships to enable us to listen to such lovely composers.


Flowers & its fragrances

The Kamaraj (Koyambedu) Flower market was in its full life, throttle in the mornings, the new arrivals sorted, the wholesalers arranging for the retailers. The business was brisk as it was in the festive season and flowers are the essential part in announcing the festivity ……

Some flowers for your eyes ….





Coronations & Jebras
Coronations, Jebras & Other Bouqet Flowers

And more varieties of flowers for all seasons & all reasons ….

Aam Admi

Check this menu ….. and especially the pricing ….

Vegetarian thali: Rs 12.50

Non-vegetarian thali: Rs 22

Sada dosa: Rs 2.50

Masala dosa: Rs 4

Dal (assorted): Rs 1.50

Soup with one slice: Rs 5.50

Four chapatis: Rs 2

Boiled rice: Rs 2

take a guess where is this at?
it’s a menu card and pricing valid even now ….

It’s the parliament’s canteen and this is the cost for our MP’s …..
On one side their salaries have been increasing, on the other hand subsidy for such acts.

Hmmm ….

Madras week

…. this time the madras week has a lot to offer. The photowalks organised by Ravages, the wikipedia walks, and quite a bit of Heritage walks / chats organised.

Check about the photowalks here.

The Madras Quiz details below :
madras quiz poster.001

madras quiz poster

The Madras Day events to be checked here.

Down, But not out …..

Not me …. but my Internet connection at Home.

Had Hathway Cable Internet from Nov’06 onwards and suddenly last 22nd the connection was severed and was informed (when called) that the service will resume after 10 days, when called again they informed the service will resume in a few months (yes you heard it right!!) because of some political issue. I was asked to surrender the MODEM and the balance payment due to me will be sent post that.

I guess the service happens (at your comfort / home) by most of these service related companies only when you start a relationship with them, never pleasant when you stop the relationship with the service provider. (In this instance, at their choice).

Hmmm … now applied for a BSNL Broadband … lets see how the Government run agency behaves …..