Favourite pastimes ….

After a long hiatus, back to writing about a few opf my favourite pastimes ….

I’ve always wanted to play tennis is childhood days, and always i used dream about myself as a great tennis champ during my school times. As a matter of fact, i’ve not greatly participated, nor excelled, nor even attempted to learn professionally a sport so far. Leave alone play and win.

But that desire in mind has helped me in creating a cruel pastime, which is killing mosquitoes by a wonderful Chinese made device.


As many of you now know i’m not a great writer, forget it, not even a writer when reading my blogs and its posts. This was anchored and continues in me even till now, so my writing skills with a pen (especially) is a big question mark. So i use the pens i retain after using (in other words flicking) for cleaning the nails, cleaning the ears (as buds) …. would soon run a contest for all of you to list the other fringe benefits of a ballpoint pen.


Want to know more …. Buddy wait nah, not everything in one go.


Tickets & Chennai Open


This was at 930 am on 25h Dec’08 morning, the queue standing in front of the Nungambakkam Corporation Tennis Stadium to get their tickets for the upcoming Chennai Open 2009.

And your truly was also waiting alongwith my son there becasue of my lats years experience for the same tourney. The tickets were sold out and the stadium was empty, what an irony last year it was. Because the Corporate Sponsors and Tennis academies bought tickets in bulk and gave / sold to many and none turned out. Hence the Top seeds palyed for an empty (almost) stadia.

The organisers (IMG) should follow the “The Hindu” way, TheHindu when they organise these Theatre Festivals or Music Festivals give away x No.s of invites to Corporate sponsors as letters and the same should be redeemed atleast 15 minutes before the event starts. Else the same goes for sale to people waiting outside and interested in that event. Nice idea. I think IMG & Ravi should take a note of this.

Ended up getting two season tickets for ourselves and returned home.