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i was intrigued by “BLOG” …. seems to be interesting and growing by d day as a popular media ….. was reading an article about Media companies and how they r taken to d internet …… Seems to be BBC, The Guardian etc have taken the internet biz very seriously ……… will start blogging more on what r the seasons and reasons to blog etc………


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  1. Hi there,

    this is Manu from BCN – Berlin. I a half Indian – half German, but lived most of my live in Germany. It’s no more than ten years that I haven’t been to India, but I think of coming soon.
    I found you over your postings on Metroblogs and had a look at your own blog, so I thought that you might be the right person to get in contact with. As I am setting up the BCN network for creatives and freelancers worldwide I am looking for Like-Minded-People all over the world. A network for temporary workspaces for freelancers all over the world where they can connect with like minded people form these places. I focus very much on the people and location itself. Very special locations and not just “normal” offices, I just want to have “cool people” (sounds a bit stupid, but you know which kind of people I mean by this) in the network because it is very important if you come for a wile to a new city/country to meet the right people and to connect with them.

    At the moment I am searching partners in India to make the BCN-network really international. India is for nearly everybody from the “western world” a mystic place but in my opinion it’s the the future place to be! I am looking for „interesting“, open-minded and communicating people to join their local network. People who would like to join in with their locations, offering temporary workspace and who like to meet creatives from all over the world. The more wired the locations are – the better. It can be in an old fabric building, a loft office or a farmhouse in the jungle … and the people are most important – good people! Perfect would be a location where our members could also stay if possible. The perfect location would be a Guest House where you can stay and offers also workspace for the people – but it is also very important that you meet also “local” there.

    I am searching for people living over there who could and want to offer “workspace” in their offices (locals or foreigners, but they must be connected to the location and the people) – no tourists! A location where everything is taken care of – just plug in your laptop at your “work desk” and your office with printer, phone … and connected people in the backround is set up – somebody who can give you an answer where the next post office is and when it opens, where to find a good print store … or an address for your mail! Its about REAL LOCATIOS in combination with TECH. INFRASTRUCTURE and COMMUNICATION with the people. Some kind of meeting point for freelancer from all over the world who wants to connect with freelancers from India. These Locations can be in the city centres, but also in rural areas, villages, resorts … (but authentic, places where you can meet the locals and not just tourist places! (We also have the domain: DropOutOffice.Net) and as you can see on our website we are already have an “office” on an island as well in the desert. Our slogan is It’s Your Business Anywhere. But also Why work alone at home? Work where others go on vacation! hits the point quite well. …

    Maybe you could help me in finding such locations + people in India, who are willing to join BCN.

    Best you just have a quick view on our website. You will find everything in detail on my web page http://www.TheBusinessClass.Net (BCN) under IDEA and FAIRCHISE. (best on Firefox)

    Just in very short how it works:
    If someone from our Network is coming to India he could rent a work space for a wile in your. I would present he/she as I present all our partner locations (Ports + Agents) in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and end of this year also in Japanese. It will be absolutely clear that it is a work space in he/she location and that it is he/she address… I just need the texts in English (a short description of the location and the people) some pictures and a floorplan and I do all the work – he/she does not have to pay anything. I call it a system of plug & play offices! For the User coming to the places and just can connect and start to work as well as for new locations that we can just plug in the network. If it works it is fine, if nobody is using your space – I’ve just did the work and he/she got some advertisement for free. If somebody rents a workspace in your location via BCN we’ll get a percentage.

    Why I do that all:
    I am an artist and architect and artist. I am always working between these two fields. All of my works and what I did till now: http://www.thebusinessclass.net/en/node/102

    Most architects and designer working on the “office of the future” focus on inventing better desks, more ergonomic chairs, brighter lamps … , but it is the structure that is important not the stuff! In my opinion there are already existing “perfect offices” in combination with interesting people all over the world – we just have to connect them into a huge network. For me this is some kind of global architectural experiment! My answer for the growing number of mobile freelancer in this world vs. old structures in the big companies.

    A network with real people and real locations. REAL PEOPLE and REAL LOCATIONS – this is for me the most important because without meeting personal all networking is in the long term useless! I focus very much on the creative scene. First because this is the world I come from and secondly because I think that new ideas and alternatives can only be developed by this kind of people and not by major companies! Creativity and Culture is one of the most important motors for our societies and a need for solving our problems. …

    Maybe you some locations? Who are the right persons? How and where can I spread this idea over there to find the right people in that region – India? … any idea?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes from cold and grey Berlin,

    Initiator of BCN and Port Agent of BCN-Berlin: Kreuzberg

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