Devanahalli aka Bengaluru Intl. Airport

Stepped through the BIAL airport last week, following hit my mind immediately

1. The airport is much better and functional than the New Hyderabad Airport

2. Directional signages are pretty clear

3. Though it looks smaller, i presume it should be of the same size.

4. The Taxi, Volvo Bus stands are pretty clear & visible … no possibility of confusions.

5. The road leading to Hebbal was good and the traffic was choc-o-bloc at the KR Puram hanging bridge, it just took 40 minutes to take a U turn to go towards Indira Nagar via CV Raman Nagar at this bridge.

6. 46 Kms (to 100 feet Road – Indira Nagar) took 1hr and 50 mts at 0700 hrs ….

7. Return i had asked the Cab to take Mekhri Circle, so saved about 5 kms and reached the airport in 1 hr 5 mts. Was it because it was 1530 hrs … no idea ….

8. The Volvo’s & Airlift seems to be equally pocket friendly & accessible. (Next time to try these)

Edited to add : 9. Very small toilets …. no space to keep your luggage in the toilets ….

On the whole it looks like a good choice of Airport ……

The above picture is while landing (obviously with the Radio Functions in an OFF mode)


Air lift to the BIAL airport !

The web / log world seems to be abuzz with activity about the new BIAL airport coming up (slated for opening on 24th may’08), the distances, the hurdles to reach, the costs etc. So i was naturally intrigued by this stand-up scroll placed at the HAL airport about it costing just Rs 300/- to reach the new BIAL airport from anywhere in Bangalore.

Tried their site, which doesn’t offer more details apart from the ones offered in the banner. Except for confusing more by stating ” Bangalore New airport to anywhere in Rs 300/=” so is it offered only FROM the new BIAL airport or To the airport also?

Need to check out when i travel next …….