Wallstreet Humour – 2

Actually i subscribe to this idea, once they ridiculed that the state controls and now many wants a bail-out from the same setup.

Ummm ….. they”ll again not learn from this too !!!


Many top executives run behind numbers and various goals inspite of not subscribing to the actual idea / path their organisation takes or voicing their concerns about the weak fundamentals or Nil fundamentals on which they are treaded upon.


Wallstreet Humour


More to come …..

Calm before ….

… the storm, i’d love to say that. But i’m happy if there was a storm somewhere.

At cross roads, is a very popularly abused word in weblogosphere i presume. So am i, started a Blog for the heck of it …. moved highlighting Beijing Olympics … moved outta Blogger and landed here …. have been ideally using this for Rants and Rambles, but who cares.

Probably satire is my forte, but satire writing is not one. Networking (not the networking for networking sorts) is also a forte. Sharing good Humour, Ideas about various start-ups and their successes and FAILURES to be the forthcoming season in RAMpant.


Hope you’d continue loving this as before.